Friday, October 30, 2009

Currently Wishing

Currently wishing I had the $$$$ to spend on snowboarding schizz right now....found some great new pants, and some pretty discounted boards/boots/bindings....but still not cheap!!!

I need a sugga-daddy right now....really....that would be super awesome!!!

Oh I really don't need all these materialistic crap but I want it....what's wrong with me?! But I would really love to start snowboarding again and try to get good at it. Oh geez louis.

$$$$......I hate it most times. UGH!

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Z said...

Hi there, you sent me a direct message on twitter but I can't reply because you don't follow me. lame I know, I don't know why twitter won't let me reply.

I found your blog randomly some time ago, I don't remember how, but I find your writing to be honest and inspiring and insightful so I've kept reading. That may sound cliche or weird, and I admit it is a bit, but I'm being sincere when I say that I enjoy your writing and relate to all of the tribulations of growing up, to the passion with which you convey your stories to the named and nameless visitors who may be reading on the other end.

Anyhow, my email address is my twitter name AT gmail if you care to reply. I wish you all the best.