Saturday, October 03, 2009

One thing I absolutely love to study is WWII. I know it's a very gruesome period in history but it was so unique and so treacherous that it is absolutely fascinating to me. In accordance with that, Anne Frank also fascinates me. We have a diary of a young girl who was in hiding during that time and her hopes, wishes, dreams.....all written down to give us a story. An amazing story.

Until now I've seen pictures galore of her. But The Anne Frank House in Germany just released the only footage I've ever seen of Anne Frank. In the short clip she is watching a bride and groom to walk down the stairs and out of the building. This is absolutely amazing!!!

This is a video of Otto Frank talking about his daughter's diary.....he has some very incredibly deep thoughts that first time watching this really sort of struck me.


A Lady Called Amy said...

i just watched this! i loved reading about wwII things back when i was in school... i'm still fascinated by pictures and stories.

have you ever been to the holocaust museum?

Nicole.Ann said...

NO!! I really want to go to the Holocaust Museum but have never been able to go yet!! One day I'll get there :)

Have you ever been there?!?!