Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Innocent Enthusiasm

One of the most beautiful forms of raw expression is the pure excitement little kids get....over the littlest things!!

Awhile back, Eric was relaying a story to me. He was telling me about going to a car club thing and one of the girls brought her son. While they were standing around, the little boy saw a helicopter for the first time and literally was so excited he probably could have jumped out of his pants.

Eric's comment was that he wished he could get that excited over things!

One of my problems in working around adults most times is I DO get that excited, quite often and quite easy!! It's not hard when you really let yourself enjoy the things around you and love your life!! It gets me lots of weird stares, sure.

Which makes me sad, I wish people didn't usually lose that enthusiasm growing up. I hear adults say it a lot that they can't get that excited because....well they have to be adult. Who said that getting excited over small things wasn't being an adult and being a "grown up"?! I can still be mature and responsible.....but I can also dance and clap my hands and laugh with my full belly when I find delight in something.

My face is allowed to light up brighter than the sun when I find something that just completely amuses me and touches me. It doesn't make me any less adult, it just makes me more in touch with my happy side!!

I wish people learned to let go of what they thought they were supposed to be and get excited over the small things more often.

Like Patrick every morning when he sees airplanes waiting to go inside or when he's so absolutely delighted over a story or getting ready to go out on the playground: his face lights up, his mouth goes into a complete "O" that takes over his face in suspenseful anticipation and he flaps his arms (most the time bending at the waist a little bit because his body is trying to keep himself in balance) and then he'll clap his hands together and squeal in utter delight with a HUGE smile on his face!!

Now that is something I wish more people did with me.....not only would weird looks be less frequent towards me, but well, I think most people would be tons happier.

I love the innocent enthusiasm kids remind me to have and remind me to be completely ok with....no matter how "adult" I am.

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