Thursday, October 22, 2009

Farm Day

We took our preschoolers to the "farm" today.

In spirit of course I slipped on my trusty (although borrowed) cowboy boots, wore a fun paisley scarf around my neck and galivanted off to Sunshine Farms with the kiddos all in tow :)

The kids had SO much fun, being able to run and play and be wild. No rules, lots of play stuff, lots of fun animals, kick-ass kid-friendly stuff to create folly on. Best of all, all the parents came so all I had to do was walk around with camera in hand and enjoy myself!!

It reminded me so much of growing up. I miss the days of wearing my cowboy boots, wranglers, hair in a pony tail, and my sweet belt buckle on. Wasn't very girly at all growing up but it was fun....jumping from the hayloft, causing mischief on the roof, playing in our "forest", feeding the pigs and of course hopping in the pens with the cows and getting in all sorts of trouble!! So refreshing, so wonderful, to be outside and revisit some great memories in my life.

Great day!!

Now on to phlebotomy class....get to draw people's from their real arms...AH! Oh man, story on that later.

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and yay to the farm!