Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tiny Town

My aunt took my nephew and I to Tiny Town today for another grand adventure. I think I almost had as much, if not more, fun than Tyce did!! He had me crawling in and out of buildings of which the doors to get into were barely big enough for me to maneuver through while his tiny body ran in and out easily....but it is always great to get to spend a day with his pure enthusiasm. Not to mention when he's in a great mood, like he was today, he is absolutely the biggest thrill ever.

Is it bad that one of my favorite best friends to be around currently is a 2-year-old that's not even my own kid?! I love it!! I love getting to play with him and simply be Aunt Nikki!! I like to be the one that tickles him and gets him riled up only to send him back home and the one that insists on holding his hand while he desperately tries to escape my grasp in the parking lot. I love it all....except the stinky diapers part. And even THAT I can handle :)

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