Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've got to work two days this week. I'll be working again tomorrow by helping my aunt to set up her classroom for this next year and then working again at the embroidery shop. It feels good to have something to keep me busy though I found myself missing my nephew and his innocent enthusiasm for life!!

I got to see my ex-roomies today. Shelly spent the day with me at work and then we went to Fort Collins to visit Britt. Shelly made this different twist on pizza, we had chocolate-covered strawberries and the good ol' citrus drop soda-pop. We got to talk about our relationships, what we've been up to, a little bit about future plans. It was good to be around people that I called my home and family just a short while ago, able to let my guard down.

While I was there I saw this amazing three-piece mural on the wall and happened to notice that Eamonn was in it. Imagine three huge canvases of photos printed on and paint. One bigger and two smaller ones attached to each end. I was amazed and it fascinated me. I found out Eamonn's mom made it. Apparently she's realy good with photoshop and it looked like she had three canvases ordered....and then she added her own creativity of paint over that mural. It was beautiful and made me wish I had the ability to do that. I do have the ability, it just takes practice. I will one day...maybe I can improvise and make my own. I've wanted to for some time now. We'll see what I can muster up.

I need to start working on my nursing app and get that done asap. I'm nervous for my future. I need to get on the ball. No more messing around, my future is on the line!! Scary scary thought.

So many thoughts I want to pour out but not enough time or energy right now.

Sweet sweet reprieve.

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