Thursday, July 02, 2009

Outdoor Pool

Today we took Tyce to the outdoor pool.

Many memories came flooding back of working there and spending four summers of my adolescent life guarding the pool. Definitely made me nostalgic.

I had an absolute blast with him....mainly because I got to introduce him to the slide at the outdoor pool. He ABSOLUTELY loved it. The first time he was a little weary as he had no idea what was going on. But after hitting the water he laughed and giggled and could hardly contain himself enough to get out of the water to go back up. From that first time on, the whole way up the stairs he would tell me in the most excited voice "almost nikkie almost!!" (as in almost to the top) and then when we were there he could barely wait long enough to get down. All the way down he'd laugh and giggle and scream and when we hit the water he'd laugh the hardest. He wore me OUT going down that slide over and over again!!

It was an ABSOLUTE blast :) Love spending time with my family!

Tyce in the kiddie pool

first time down the slide and loving it!!

loving everytime we hit the water :)

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