Monday, July 27, 2009

Support Network

This little smile has been what it's been all about for me. Call me crazy but the innocence of a child reminds me how short life is and how much we should take enjoyment in the little things.

His adamence about the smallest things and enjoyment in life's very simple pleasures always brightens up my day.

He's not afraid to love those around him with all his heart, demand what he needs either emotionally or physically, and live life vicariously. I wish that people could remember to do the same when they are older. It makes life so much more simple.

My friends have all been the biggest support network to me right now. I've had friends rally around me that I haven't talked to in years, best friends stand by my side and offer me shoulders to lean on once again, and friends who simply offer to talk if I need it. I couldn't be more thankful for the number and quality of friends I have. I truly am a blessed woman to be able to keep such great friends around me.

Life comes down to relationships. It's not about what you have, what you can buy; it's who you have in your life and whether you can support and love and encourage each other no matter what. I've learned that I can't offer my friends anything other than my heart, but that's exactly why all my friends and I remain close. Nothing is expected other than loving each other and being there for each other. Listening and supporting, despite differences and disagreements.

I love them all :) I only hope that I can be there for them like they have me when they go through their hard times.

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