Monday, March 23, 2009

This last week I spent a lot of time by myself. Being on spring break most everyone was gone and I was sick so I spent about three days by myself in my bed watching tv and drifting in and out of sleep. It was very weird, but very calming & relaxing in its own sense. I feel as though I may have caught up a little on much needed rest.

But I also got nothing accomplished....and now I'm kicking myself in the rearend for it.

There's eight weeks of school left....and in the next eight weeks I have a TON of stuff jampacked in there. There's the obligatory 50 hours in class and work. There's the mandatory six hours Shelly and I spend a week on working out.

I have two weekends full of traveling to watch Marshall play baseball. I have all my homework and tests.

I have a senior project and portfolio due by the end of April (shit I need to get on that!).

I have finals.

I have to get my degree stuff ready for graduation (doing that today hopefully).

I have 13.5 hours of community service that needs to get done before the end of April for APO. And three more fellowship activities.

I need a couple girls' nights out with my gals.

And I need enough rest to get that all done.

Think I can make it?! Just barely but I think I can.

Spring is finally upon us!!! Yeah!! It's supposed to snow this week :( But then hopefully it's supposed to get warm again. I hope warm enough that it's not freezing on Friday.

For both APO and as something I'm doing with my roommate Shelly, we are participating in Sleep In Someone Else's which you get to experience how the homeless live and you sleep outside for a night. I just hope it's warm enough!! :) I shouldn't say that as the homeless can't choose the weather.

I can't wait to get out and about now that warm weather is a little bit of hiking, biking, etc.

Alright, off to start my week. I'm scatter-brained I know but I have a list about a page long of "things to get done"....

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