Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kicking The Bucket

A friend posted her bucket list and another friend posted her to/be/have lists. It's funny, I say what I want to do before I die a lot. But remembering when I go to make this list might be interesting. It might contain revisions. We'll see.


1. Ride the train system (yes as in illegally and without a plan)
2. Live in Italy for at least a year and travel/appreciate their culture, art, history
3. Travel Europe
4. See Maine in the fall
5. Get my scuba diving license
6. Submit a photo and get it published
7. Buy an SLR :)
8. Have a wall that is absolutely covered floor to ceiling with pictures in photo frames
9. Learn to drive stick shift
11. Build my own house in the countryside that is still close enough to a metropolis area with a wrap-around porch and plenty of acreage (of course next to the Rocky Mountains!)
12. Run a half-marathon or do a mini-triathlon
13. Volunteer with a non-profit longterm
14. Get my MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing) concentrating in Neonatal
15. Help out in Africa
16. Go back to Okinawa and Japan
17. Roadtrip cross-country stopping at ridiculous places and eating new foods
18. Go white-water rafting
19. Go sky-diving and bungee-jumping
20. SWIM WITH DOLPHINS!! Always has been high on my list of to-do
21. Write my autobiography for my chilren, grandchildren, etc to read and know they were loved dearly and know more about who I am
22. Snorkel the barrier reef
23. Touch the top of a jellyfish
24. Have my own garden that is fruitful (this one may take a lot of practice and time....I tend to kill things)
25. Learn a different language fluently (I'm finding I remember how to read more French than I thought)
26. Learn sign language
27. Take the women of my family on an all-expenses paid cruise!
28. Buy my dad a sweet Harley and let him and mom have fun traveling around the country
29. Pay off all my student loans
30. Learn to appreciate what I've got


A Lady Called Amy said...

Yayyy! for lists! I love seeing what we all have in common. :-D

Bri said...

Everybody's making lists! I owe you an email, I know. Most days I barely have time to get dressed and teeth brushed until 10 and I feel lucky to check my email. I'll get one out to ya though!