Monday, March 09, 2009


I went and watched my brother play baseball.....for the first time since he's been in college....he's a sophomore....this past weekend. It was great!!

I know this sounds weird but after not being around my family for a little over a month it was easy riding in a car with them for four hours both ways. Although at the end of the way back home my youngest brother Reece was sort of being a jack but hey that's what happens when you're the baby.

Gotta watch Marsh play one game, he sat the other. They won one game, lost the other. Unfortunately I don't have pics as my camera sucks monkey balls and I have no computer that will allow me to upload pics anymore so I can't take pics :( But my dad did and I'll post a few once I get those from him.

We are thinking about going back up to watch him this next weekend.

Hanging out with his friends is a blast :) Hahaha they crack me up. I'm a little shy around them, I don't know them well, but oh well. God hanging out with guys is so much easier than hanging out with girls.

Anywho, just got a 73% on a midterm. I'm not doing too hot this semester. Ick. I'm averaging a B average right bueno for trying to apply to nursing school. I just hate taking 17 credit hours and working all the time. I want more time for fun!!

Asta luego.

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