Friday, March 13, 2009

Tat It Up, Tat It Up

I sit before you now a tatted woman :)

I went with my brother yesterday to get my first tattoo. I say first because who's to say that I won't get another one someday!!

My brother and his friends were on spring break this week. Originally they had games but they all got cancelled so they decided to come back down to Colorado and the Fort area to hang out with old friends and whatnot. I had commented to Marsh (my brother) that I wanted to get my tattoo and wanted to go with him.

He got our family crest awhile ago with my cousin. When he decided to come back down the fort he decided to get his retouched and I wanted to get mine so we went together.

I went first. I got a phrase in Latin that Leonardo Da Vinci had written in his journals when he was in his eighties. The phrase to me is very profound and close to my heart as we all know I'm constantly learning and growing.

It says "ego sum etiam eruditio" which means "I am still/always learning". The first one gives you an idea of what it looks like on my body and the second one is a close-up of the lettering. Small but meaningful :)

Along with getting his crest touched up, he also decided to put the black swan as a silhouette behind it and I honestly think it looks BA. It really brings out the crest and has profound meaning to him and his friends. Him and his friends are bonded by music and this swan is on the album cover of one of "Story of the Year"'s albums. Apparently the black swan represents deviance. Pretty self explanatory. But it also represents the bond with him and his college buddies.

His friend Evan was "green with envy" as Evan has a pretty sweet tat on his thigh that is a plethora of band symbols mixed together. He said the tat represented the bond he had made between him and his brother by going to concerts as well as the bond that music has brought between him and all his friends.

So here is Marshall's tat and the last one is the best pic I could find of Evan's tat (just so you can all see what it looks like).

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A Lady Called Amy said...

Sooo jealous! I want my next tat sooo much but am gonna have to wait til after I have the baby. :-P

Looks great hun!