Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh Eff Me

Who ordered snow?!?! Seriously, who ordered a blizzard warning?!?! Come here please so I can kick you in your shin....

Last week we had 75-degree weather. Now we have a blizzard warning. I walked to class at 7:30am with two inches of snow/slush ALREADY on the ground. We got out of class at 8:50am and there's now three inches of snow on the ground and it's snowing HARDER. What the H-E-double hockey sticks?!?!?!

Pro of a snow day: I get to stay cuddled up in bed.

Con of a snow day: I have a ton of work to do at the computer lab on campus and if the University closes then the lab which case I have to crunch it in tomorrow (given the University isn't closed tomorrow as well).

My integrative metabolism prof is absolutely hilarious. I actually used to sit in the front of the class right in from of him. Literally within like three inches. But I realized in the right conditions, his voice combined with the lack of exciting material can sometimes lull me to asleep....right in front of him. So now I sit in the front to the left of the room. Anywho, he's this crazy British guy who knows a lot but his sense of humor is dry and, well, British. It absolutely cracks me up. And he has hilarious facial expressions. Yesterday he got SO worked up at the three different ways to read/write linoleic/linolenic acids (aka omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids). And he made a few jokes about Oliver Twist and the feuding in ancient Britain.

Anywho, I think I'm going to leave work though I've only been here for 15 minutes and head over to the lab to work on my stuff so I can at least get some of it done.

Oh EFF this damn snow....I want warm weather!!!

Update three hours later: we have a snow day......lots of to come later

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