Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Hate Being....

Sick. sucks major monkey balls.

I haven't gotten a shower yet and it's past 2pm. I know I smell, I know my breath smells. Even right after I brush my teeth my mouth tastes like I just ate dirt. I hate always have such bad breath when you're sick.

When I wake up I honestly can't breath. I find myself struggling to get my airway open. It stinks.

Not to mention I have no drive to do jack shit. I hate being lazy. I just wasted almost a whole day!!

I'm getting ready to hop in the shower finally so I can go run errands. But I thought I'd bitch to someone since there's no one around for me to bitch to.

St. Patty's Day picks will be up soon....along with other pics I will get off my camera finally :) It went well with the fam. Everyone getting along, acting like normal. It's great to finally have everyone in the same room again.....however I feel it could be dangerous because AGAIN the whole issue is getting swept under the floor rather than being talked we'll see.

My dad let the bomb slip yesterday that they are getting me a new camera for my sounds like it's going to be an SLR :) I'm SOOOOOOO excited. I still need to get a good point and shoot though for those times when carrying around an SLR is not a wise decision. I think I might go stalk bestbuy prices today :) Ok that's motivation enough for me to hop in the shower

I'm excited!! I didn't even think about graduation presents or anything....I guess that's what happens when you don't view your own graduation as a big deal.

Ok it IS a big deal as it IS a bachelor's.....that's a big deal. However, the degree that I'm getting is not the degree that is my life's goal so for me it's a stepping stone....henceforth, it's not a big deal to me. And I don't associate my graduating as a big deal. I still have another degree to go. HA!

Ok shower time....thank God, I smell horrendous. Not really but I feel like it :)

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