Monday, March 30, 2009


Agh, aren't resumes always just a swift kick of reality?! Not to mention a swift kick of pain-in-the-ass. I hate trying to make yourself look good and qualified on two pages of paper. I also don't like how you constantly have to tweak them and find those *key (aka amazing)* words that will make your employers go "WOW! She's the person for this job!"

I think I have about fifteen versions of my resume thus far. No joke.

This resume is a sad sad way for me to come back to school. Seven weeks left and I'm a college grad. I'm done with this school thing for a bit!! And done with this ridic major and ridic amount of homework that I care nothing about.

Mock interview later today. Why am I nervous for it?! It's not like my future is really relying on it....maybe just the fact that it has the scary name of an interview. That or the fact that I'm selling myself. I mean I can but knowing that you have to sell yourself to prove your worth in 30 minutes is really quite a scary realization....especially if it's a job you really want.

I shouldn't be scared....I think this is the the fifth interview or so I've ever had and all but one I've gotten the job. The reason I didn't get the one was because I already had a job and they didn't think I could handle working a total of 40 hours a week AND school....I applaud them for making that decision actually. I'd be a nutcase right now if I had two jobs and 17 credits.

Went to McCook this to take tons of pictures of my brother and a couple of his friends playing :) I heart my new camera and I especially heart my telephoto lens!!! Gotta cuddle with Evan again...always a plus :)

I know we were disrespectful towards Marshall though. Evan is his friend/roommate and they literally have their beds pushed together to make one huge bed. We drank, I become a kissing slut when I drink, Evan and I have our history, Marshall is trying to sleep, we come in and start kissing beside him. Marshall left the room and slept in another guys' room.

I apologized the next day. Marshall still doesn't care that I'm having a little fling with his friend/roommate. He told me "You're grown, do what you want....and I'd rather you be involved with a friend I know and trust then someone I don't know, ya know". That's good. But I should know I should be more respectful and not be making out right next to him in his own (granted it IS ginormous) bed.

Alright, for a lack of time I'm off....ick, class....I wanna kick it in it's shin...

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