Tuesday, June 01, 2010


So for those of you that don't understand the power of a calendar, I'm about to explain it to you....

On the 31st (ish) of each month I get paid. I get paid once a month so this is in fact a VERY glorious day. YIPPEE!!!

On the 1st of the month I have to sit down and pay or establish online bill pay for all of my bills for the month before anything else. This is the most stressful day of the month for me. The second most stressful is the day I get my period and that's just because I then have to plan all my activities around good ol' Mother Nature and having feminine products available. With that being said, right now in my brain after paying all my bills, I only have $100 for the month. Let me repeat that, I have $100 for the month, including to spend on gas, until the next check that I make comes in....which will be when I work for my parents.

Ergo I just paid all my bills for the month. And I'm stressed once again. I'm making quite a bit of money this summer. Not as much as some people but enough that I decided to save up and buy a macbook pro. I budgeted enough that I feel I can afford this purchase. Of course at the expense of paying off my credit card as fast as I wanted to (I now have to split expenses between the two budgeted quantities). I just finished paying off the last of my "other" credit cards (ie express, gap, american eagle, etc) and now only have my Wells Fargo CC to focus on....wowzers...which has increased up to $1000 right now sitting on it. I know this isn't bad but it freaks me OUT!!

Of course I have a huge urge to go shopping but I'm really suppressing that urge. I did buy a cheap new top at Target today so hopefully that will quench my spending thirst for now! If not I still have a couple gift cards to various stores that I can go use...which I might have to. But I'm trying to make a very conscious effort to cut down my spending.

Now I just need to cut down driving all over the place as much as I do as my gas is costing me a small fortune.

For those of you out there that either mommy and daddy help pay your bills, a boyfriend helps support you, or you make more than $1000/month.....let's just say if I hear you bitching I might have to punch you in the face. This is the struggle I live with supporting myself off of a measly $700/month.

Oh yes that reminds me, I also want to try to work a few extra odd&end jobs in the next month so that I can afford to go on a mini-vacation at the end of July. Wonder if that will work out!! I hope so :-)

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A Lady Called Amy said...

i am blessed that jeremy helps me... especially since i don't get any other support. you def should be proud of taking care of yourself. :)