Thursday, June 03, 2010

God is so Good!

Diana Hummell, of whom I've shared about earlier, wrote this in her journal on caringbridge this evening and I wanted to share. It hit a very deep spot in my heart and I hope it does yours too.

God is so Good!

As the night falls on me and my bed is loudly beckoning my name...I just had to write and share with you a few things God has put on my heart. It's like those neon signs you see lighting up stores along the streets you drive and walk on. Even though they don't make a sound they scream at you!

Well, God's not screaming at me, or you. He just wants you to know how much He loves you. Yes, you, the one who got impatient with her kids today, the one that spoke words she/he shouldn't have to the one they love the most. The one that knew in heart she should've loved at lot deeper, been more positive, or picked up that dry cleaning even though it was out of her way. You. He loves you.
He's been calling you, beckoning you, woohing you to His side. Despite the wrong you did today, or yesterday, last week or 20 years ago. He Loves You. He couldn't love you any less, no matter what you've done in the past. And He couldn't love you any more no matter all the good you've done your whole life.
So, stop listening to the voice in your head that screams out, literally at times that you're not good enough. He made you perfect. He gave you your hair, your body shape, yes even your thighs, He made those too. And He planted in you the dreams you have in your heart today. He has equipped you with everything you need to accomplish His work in your life. But, some of you haven't taken Him up on His gift. You've looked across your life and think about all the why me's? You've questioned His existence and He's calling out to you. As you sit in your seat He's asking you to turn your life over to Him. I urge you to not let another moment go by without inviting Him to be in it.
I'm not perfect, quite far from it. But I've chosen to take Him up on His word, and look at the ways He has shown up! And it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him. He loves you as much as He loves me. Oh and I hear some of're saying, "yeah, but I'm not you, I could never do what you're talking about, who could possibly go through the garbage and still see the bed of roses above the stinky trash? I've been through to much and I carry all the loads of the years of regret behind me."
I couldn't agree with you more. You're right. We choose the road we want to take and some want to walk and whallow in the path marked V.I.C.T.I.M. I may be a bit harsh and hope you understand it's all in love. You are where you want to be. Others of you are battling for your life and walking in the path marked V.I.C.T.O.R.Y., even though there are hurdles. We are all exactly where we want to be. Here's the most amazing can change the path your on at any given moment. And God is right there to be found when you call on Him. Life without Him is empty with no purpose, oh but life with Him? Well, it's the most exciting ride you could ever be on! He loves you and He wants to show you just how much by taking you through this life hand in hand.
Love you so much and forever remaining in His grip!

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