Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hiking Mt. Evans

So my adventurous spirit got the best of me this weekend. In a good way!

A long-lost friend Lee, whom was on the swim teams with me in high school but I haven't seen since we graduated, came back into town this week. We recently had started catching up via facebook and we had both talked about keeping active and things we wanted to do. So when he said he was coming in town, I thought balls to the wall and asked him if he wanted to do a 14er. He said yes. I said hell yes. And I made a plan :-)

I picked Mt. Evans for my first 14er. This was his third 14er. And it was wonderful! He wasn't afraid to go at my pace. We filled each other in about the past five years of our life. We laughed, joked, reminisced, took photos (he graduated with a degree in photography, it's merely a hobby of mine), hike, climbed, laughed, talked some more, and were victorious!

We hiked from Summit Lake up the Mt. Evans Trail that goes up along the ridge of Mt. Spaulding and crosses over to Mt. Evans. We ate lunch at the top of Mt. Evans and stopped to do some yoga on the way back on top of Mt. Spaulding. It was such a great way to spend my saturday. Very refreshing.

I've had a ton of people already contemplate me on the pictures I took on our hike. However, the thanks needs really to go to God. He painted the picture, I just captured His breath-taking beauty! God literally reminded me of this. "Be still and know that I am God."

As Lee and I talked, I was reminded over and over by God while staring at these beautiful sights that God has some amazing wonderous plans for my life. If He can so easily make these majestic mountains and these views of which words cannot express their power and beauty, well He can do some amazing things through and to me. It was great to meditate on some of these thoughts throughout the day. I loved it.

I'm excited for my next 14er!! My mom wants to try one and Jenni, my future sister-in-law, wants to hike one with as I'm gonna choose an easy one for my mom to start with and we're going to make a girls day of it. And I asked my dad to go white water rafting with me...he said yes as long as I plan it!! So excited :-)

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Lee and I on one of the ridges going up Mt. Spaulding

the view on one side of Mt. Spaulding as we were nearing the top

the view from the top of Mt. Spaulding in the morning

the view from the summit of Mt. Evans

another beautiful view from the top of Mt. Spaulding

what we climbed along all the way along Mt. Evans

standing at the summit of Mt. Evans

our view while we were doing yoga on Mt. Spaulding

warrior pose on top of Mt. Spaulding

the medallion at the top of Mt. Evans

*these photos are not in chronological order.

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