Friday, June 04, 2010

Thank You Lord!!

For this beautiful morning.

For wonderful friends.

For the many little blessings you put in our lives each day.

For family.

For the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

For food in my tummy, a roof over my head, and two functional legs.

For the ability to laugh and smile and communicate.

For loving us.

For forgiving us despite our many many shortcomings.

For Your grace.

For the birds who chirp outside my window at 4am.

For health and happiness.

For Your Son.

For the fears, desires, passions, and longings in my heart.

For knowing me inside and out and loving me despite the ugliness that is there.

For never leaving me nor giving up on me.

For everything....and by this, I mean everything I feel but can't put into words.

Thank you for this beautiful morning Lord. I truly am so blessed and thankful for everything You've blessed me with.

In Jesus' name,


Anonymous said...

It's funny how you are praising God but you are open about how drunk you are getting and how much fun you are having? Can these two things go together? Yes, you are forgiven but shouldn't you be living a righteous path every day and every evening? Not just when Nicole wants?

Nicole.Ann said...

Thank you for your reading and for your insights!

A Lady Called Amy said...

that was a beautiful prayer.