Friday, January 09, 2009


Oh wow, so the last couple days have been kind of crazy!!!

Alyssa, David, Alyssa's friend Billy and I all headed up to Estes....where sadly snowshoeing did not happen. The first day left us with very little light and the second day was far too windy to hit the trails. Not to mention, after a drunken night filled with whiskey, my broken toe, and David's massacred foot (from falling on the ice getting out of the hot tub), it wasn't going to happen.

But we did have a lot of fun, hanging out, getting to know each other, working on puzzles, playing Yahtzee, whiskey beer and yegger (spelling), a night full of LONG conversations, the time in Estes was well worth it. Not to mention the ABSOLUTE beauty of God's creations. The drive to/from Estes was unreal to describe, breathtaking. You'd think I'd get used to it after living in Colorado my whole life and having the majestic Rocky Mountains in my back yard but it never gets old.

When I went up there, the calming effect nature has still gets me. Nothing can calm my nerves like being up in the mountains enjoying the scenery. And the serenity of it all is inspiring. It's hard to not believe in a God when you star at such a blue sky against such majestic mountains with a serene river running through it and all the cares in the world gone!

Here are a few photos from my drive....

Along with all that adventure, my roommate literally trapped me in my room and made me open the first page and start reading.....I'm addicted. I read the whole first book yesterday. Can you guess what series I'm talking about?!?!?!
You guessed it, I'm officially addicted to the Twilight Series :) I'm in love with Edward. I finished Twilight at 3:00am this morning and am getting ready to start New Moon today. I hope to be finished by tomorrow mid-day so I can start the third book!
So though I would love to share more about my adventures, I have a date, a date with my book and my imagination.....and I don't want to be late ;)

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