Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Book #4.....In Transit

I finished book #3 last night...Eclipse. Now I'm waiting for my roommate to finish book #4 (Breaking Dawn) so that I can read it :)

I seriously am in love with this series of books. We have all been borrowing my roommate Britt's books as she got them for Christmas but I'm going online to buy them. Definitely books that I will read more than once. Which is astonishing to say....as I've never read a book more than once. Once the mystery of the ending is done, I'm not quite interested in the book.

But this is a story you want to relive over and over again, even if you know what's going to happen. I already want to read the first book again.

Anywho, one week left of our "break" and then we start school. I use the term "break" lightly as I sit here at work writing this. We are having our management team work day today and it's gonna be a long day. The weather outside is frigid and I'd rather just stay curled up in my bed being lazy and catch up on some much needed rest. With these books keeping me up to finish reading them along with my natural insomniac state, I could benefit from sleeping in until 10am every day rather than waking at 6am to be here by 8am. Oh well.

Other than that there's not much going on at this time in my life. I'm utterly not looking forward to going back to school. This semester is going to be insane in many senses of the word. I believe I'll be taking 17 credit hours....if I decide to keep my computer class....though at this point I'm honestly considering just taking it during the summer, though I don't want anything tying me down more than needs be this summer.

I want this next summer between my transition from my first graduation to nursing school (keeping fingers crossed on this one) to be one that's relaxed and one where I can be a little more carefree. I know I can live at my aunt's house free of charge if I need to before moving to Denver. I'm thinking about next year becoming a substitute teacher to supplement my education. They make $100/day and you don't need any license. It might be interesting and it's always an option. If I just don't get into nursing school, I still plan on applying to University Hospital, Children's Hospital, St. John's Hospital, and (as back up) Platte Valley Medical Center though I dearly do not want to get stuck in Brighton again. I hate my hometown....with a passion. I don't want to go back or be there for any extended length of time ever again.

Anywho, it's off to work I go. I have a mere half hour before I start a long day full of executive decisions and being a "repsponsible" manager who actually does something!! Ha!

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