Friday, January 23, 2009

Spastic thoughts


I went for quite a long time without updating....there is a reason behind the madness however. My computer has crashed :( and the wireless we were mooching off of at home is no longer available :( and work has been so busy that I don't have much time to let out my thoughts and once I do get around to writing them down here I forget what it was I was wanting to get out!!

I have decided to invest one whole journal to nothing but my "TO DO" lists. I have found that I make these lists a lot just so I remember but they usually end up in the back of books on random scraps of paper, on miscellaneous rushed "notes" on my crackberry, and the like and I forget them. So I now carry around a journal that I can refer to and write in whenever I remember or have something I need to do. It's overwhelming but so far it's working!!

The new semester started and I'm overwhelmed. Last semester for this degree!! Woohoo and blah all at once. I'm taking four 400-level classes, one 300-level class and two 100-level classes. Needless to say between the great number of 400-level classes and an overall total of 17 credits I'll be a tad busy!!

The names of my INCREDIBLE classes:

Integrative Nutrition and Metabolism
Nutrition Assessment
Nutrition Teaching and Counseling Techniques
Group Study regarding Nutrition and Chronic Disease
Current World Problems
Senior Seminar in Dietetics and Nutrition
Business Computing Concepts and Applications

Yeah I'm the ONLY senior in my current world problems and business computing classes....wonderful!

I went to the Campus Step-Up: A Social Justice and Diversity Retreat last week before school started. It was definitely something. It really makes me ponder a lot of the injustices that do occur that I don't realize....but at the same time it really is something that is foreign and unwelcome to me. During that time, I was made to label not only myself but those around me and we had to identify as either more privileged or less privileged. I live my life treating everyone as equals, as humans, giving everyone the same chance. To be labeled myself was hard. I then had to take "ownership" of the stereotypes of privilege that I have. But at the same time I don't identify with a lot of those stereotypes. I also don't identify with the social injustices of stereotypes of more oppressed groups that I "belong" to. Such as I'm a woman. Apparently women are oppressed. I don't have those same feelings. Maybe it's because I make myself heard and make myself be treated as an equal but I feel being a woman has a lot of empowerment. I don't want to be treated as an equal to men....I want to be loved and adored for being a female. The only instance I draw the line is sexual harassment and is very prevalent towards women, more so than men.

Anywho, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around my thoughts on all of that. When I do I will write more about it.

Shel and I have started working out together. I very much am enjoying it!! I have gained a little weight and am a little insecure as this is the heaviest I've been in three years. But I'm eating healthier and I feel that if Shel and I keep up what we've been doing and I keep riding my bike that I will start seeing results soon.

I just want to feel healthier right now though. I've noticed I have been quite sluggish lately and it has me concerned. I'm not sure if it's because of the weight gain or the unhealthy eating habits or a combination of both. I know I'm by no means large, I'm actually still small. Just a few more pounds than I'm used to and I think it's even more upsetting my metabolism than normal.

This spastic weather and pressure systems is also giving me crazy headaches....I wish it would stop already!!

Alright, I'm headed out to go give Britt a ride. More thoughts on the way when life settles down.

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