Sunday, January 11, 2009

Book #3

I'm on book #3.....Eclipse. I'm loving this :)

I basically haven't done anything with my life for the past couple days other than drink in book #2 and #3. I have to wait for book #4 once I'm done as my roommate Shel is halfway done with it. I expect to be done with book #3 by tonight. I'm ridic. Officially.

Alyssa and I went out last night. Got some ice cream and then went to Stakeout for drinks. It actually made me sick. I woke up not feeling so great with only one drink last night. Ick. So no snowboarding for me today. It's a good thing I need to just relax and catch up on rest. Be lazy.

We're going to watch Bride Wars tonight. A whole group of us. Girls night out!!

Alright, this is ridic. Found this pic that I thought was great. Hahaha. I'm ridic.

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