Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gas troubles?

Oh yes, I forgot.

Right now gas is below $2.00 again....finally!!!

However I found out today from my mom that some of America is upset with Obama. Of course I asked why. And she told me that he may become one of the first president's in history to overturn executive order of the previous presidency. I didn't know this was possible first of all but I guess it is one of his powers. But it is taboo. It's never heard of. Those who take office just don't do it.

I guess though that Obama might overturn some sort of bill that approved domestic drilling of oil. Apparently Obama thinks we need to relieve our dependence on oil (I agree) but to do this by not allowing domestic drilling and making us turn to only foreign oil is absolutely stupid. I WILL be pissed to no end if I have to pay $4.00/gallon again. Mainly because I CAN NOT afford it. I just can't. I make $8.36/hr. Do you know how hard that is to pay ALL of your bills and still have some left over?! Yeah I can't afford any one of my bills to cost too much more per month. Especially since I do enjoy driving home and visiting my family that lives an hour away.

Finding this out makes me nervous. Is it really true what they say that when Democratic policy goes into place, that those who don't have jobs get "paid" really well while those who work their asses off struggle to get by?!

I wonder if just like everyone else, Obama will be getting hell when he leaves office. Which will be interesting considering that America is "standing behind" him and his change is supposed to bring great things.

Alright honestly I'm really off to bed this time :)

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