Sunday, November 09, 2008

Looking Through Differences

Man oh man, I love my roommates :) Britt and her boyfriend Eamonn are in the shower together....hahaha and I love how they are open enough to do that.

You have to picture the scene though. Britt, my liberal "let's change the world and make a difference", punk-rock and chick flick loving, penguin obsessed, pro story telling roommate. Eamonn her Irish punk-rock boyfriend who only has half a jaw (due to cancer earlier in life) and bright orange hair with his normal dark blue shorts, random t-shirt and socks to his knees. They are seriously one of the most disgustingly oddly cute couples I have ever met. They go together all too well. I think it's because they are not afraid to be who they are to the core. They have days where they whine, bicker, etc but still they go about their way kissing/hugging/loving/laughing.

They make me sick. Ha ha ha.

Seriously though, I've had judgmental roommates, those who think they are better than the other, who disagree and can't get past those disagreements. Britt, Shelly and I disagree on a lot of issues. For instance Britt and I both have completely opposite stances on race and social justice issues. Not necessarily different stances persay but where we are at and the approaches we take concerning those issues. Shelly and Britt both disagreed with Amendment 48 (the definition of a person) where as I agreed with Amendment 48. I'm a Christian, Shelly is too, Britt isn't. But it doesn't matter.

However we can openly disagree and be who we are. They have no problem with Scott and I hanging out here though they know we aren't together and don't question or talk down to me. Britt and Eamonn take showers and have sweet sweet sex and I couldn't care less. Britt and I have had many talks where she knows I'm not going to agree with what she says and vice versa but we know we can openly talk about these issues, issues where a lot of people just get too charged and can't get past the disagreements.

With a recent set of events that came up concerning my work and race, Britt was the first one I went to about this issue. Basically I'm being set up to be accused of being racist (though I'm not) but because I'm white and how I handled a situation, a very charged black employee who took offense at something not even close to being related to race coupled with my comments of me not finding the propaganda offensive has me set up to being accused of being racist. I asked Britt for her honest answer and she gave it to me.

I really appreciate that. I really do.

Ok anyway, on to the rest of my lazy day. I'm being laziest of lazy.....basically doing nothing but studying for the rest of the day.

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