Monday, November 10, 2008

The Geese Are Back In Town

First: the smell of fireplaces is officially in the air as I walked home today. I've been denying the approach of winter far too long with our pleasantly warm days and flip-flop wearing habits. I can no longer be in denial with the frigid weather we had today and the flurries that fell (much to my disapproval) earlier this evening. Shel fired up our fireplace though. She is sitting in front of it as we speak working on her physics.

Two: the geese are back in town. Gone are the days of not having to watch your feet to dodge goose poo on the sidewalks and grass. Here are the days of slamming on my brakes during rush hour driving down College Avenue to allow a bundle of geese to waddle across the road as I lament for the 180 seconds spent waiting for said geese to cross. As long as I don't have one quacking outside my window at 5:30am like the first semester I was here living in the University Apartments, I am A-ok.

Third: I have become so into fashion lately it's grotesque. I might give into the Ugg boot craze. I don't like Uggs. Ok well I will get the knock-offs, because let's admit it I can't afford to spend that much money on shoes. But I can no longer deny their functionality with the lack of actual shoes and/or shoes made of a material that can withstand snow/sludge/wetness. They are warm, they will keep my feet dry. I hate it when my socks get wet and even more when the back of my jeans get wet and it just slowly creeps up throughout the day as I walk to-from class. We'll see.

I love scarves. Great Christmas present idea for me ;) Let's clarify, not winter scarves. I like the bright colored, fun, wear any-time-of-year scarves. I have a green one and a zebra print one and I love them :) I ordered one from and a new jacket and am STOKED about their arrival. Discounts baby :)

I also love bracelet bangles. Fun funky earrings. Mix-match prints. Layering. Jackets. Vests. Rings. Seriously my obsession with fashion lately has become quasi ridiculous.

More than anything, I'm trying to decide what to do with my hair. I love my hair, it looks nice, but I've had more or less the same 'do for.....well almost all my life now. Hayley Williams, front runner of Paramore, is my inspiration. I might get my hair cut short into the contemporary bob and get a color (I'm thinking more golden on top with purple on bottom or something crazy like that....) or just get a color in which case I would want a mix of golden, orange and red streaks all over. Think Hayley orange....yeap that's right!!!

Four: I have had the worst tummy ache all weekend. I feel like my tummy has so much pressure. It makes sitting, walking, standing, laying down, everything miserable. I wish it would stop.

Overall I'm worried about my health. I'm going to a doctor about my spine on the 24th but I'm also going to them about my constant exhaustion. I go to bed utterly exhausted, I wake up utterly exhausted with my first thought being "When do I get to go to bed". I don't really do THAT much to be exhausted by, I have a lot of stress but I don't feel like it's enough to do that, I get adequate amounts of sleep. For instance, I fall asleep in the blink of an eye, never used to do that before. Today in class I was paying attention and in the middle of the sentence I literally just conked out for fifteen minutes. I don't think that's normal or healthy.

Five: I went to the student Dance Concert a couple weeks ago. It was amazing. Now we have the opera this friday. I'm excited :) I've heard nothing but great things and I'm excited. The show is called "Street Scene".

Six: For those that are Intervention junkies like me, you need to watch episode 68. Craziest of all crazies!! This woman gets high off computer dust remover. She goes through about ten bottles a day; the high kicks in right after inhalation and lasts about five minutes. Seriously, she's a freak. Watch won't be disappointed :)

Alright, I need to study renal disease for Medical Nutrition Therapy, do some studying on Bulimia Anorexia for Nutrition in the Life Cycle and get some work done :)

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Kristin said...

i still say you keep it darkish brown, with red streaks underneath :D really really, i think it would be FANTABULOUS on you!!!