Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama - Really?!?!

I know everyone knows I'm a Republican and yes I voted McCain and yes I'm disappointed he lost. I think a lot of no-good is going to come about from the Democratic control that seems to be going into place on all levels, especially Congress.

Presidency is only one-third of our government, while legislation can ultimately be passed or vetoed by the president, it's our Congress that makes things happen. With democratic control in the both the House, Senate and Presidency, it honestly scares me as a Republican, and the ideals that I stand upon.

However, what bugs me the most about Obama winning is the "patriotism" that I see coming with that. Everyone thinks it's time for a change. I could go on and on about my stance on this and I will spare you for the while.

But this is what bugs me most: our President is now a man who refuses to put his hand over his heart while singing the American anthem, a President who actually wants to physically change the design of our flag and the words to our American anthem, a President whose history is so rooted in anti American sentiment it's not even funny.

How did a guy who is so anti-American and completley unpatriotic win the office?!

Everyone compared McCain to Bush for the simple fact that he's white, he's Republican and he's older. Which apparently makes one person exactly like the other in today's minds. Everyone hates Bush (don't even get me started on THAT tyrant right now) so therefore they hated McCain, so much so that they were blinded by Obama's Democratic stance and good speech skills to look at his voting record, his politics, his liberalism. We have the MOST liberal senator to date now as our President. Yes change might happen.....but honestly, is that change going to be for the better?!

Because it won't be slight changes, it will be major changes that will rock this nation patriotically, morally, ethically and will be a representation of our country to the world. The other nations of the world hate us, now let's see what they think when we have liberals running our country.

You want to know how annoying the rest of the world is probably going to think we are?! Well if you don't, just put into your mind how god awful annoying the Democratic campaign got. Seriously, even Democrats got tired of how pushy and aggressive the Democratic party was getting. We had surveyors come to our house over ten times in TWO days to tell us who to vote for, a lady in Fort Collins wouldn't hand out candy to trick-or-treaters until they answered who their parents voted for (and the answer they got candy for was Obama, McCain answers left with none), the phone calls, the millions of ads.

That's another thing, everyone was making a big deal about Palin's outfit or McCain's wife's outfit and how much it cost awhile, does anyone realize the MILLIONS of dollars Obama spent on ads?!

I just have a really hard time right now with the fact that our new President is so completely anti-American and now he is in office with a Democratically superior Congress.

Welcome to the new liberal, crazy America.

I seriously think I might move to Europe or Australia soon....who's coming with?!


Bri said...

I agree . . . I had a hatd time sleeping last night. :-/

matt sisko said...

The more i think about, the better italy is looking. I've been working on my italian citizenship and its about to become a reality. :)