Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's a Great Day To Be Alive :)

It has been a really great day!! I don't know why but today was just great.

The opera was really good :) I couldn't understand a lot of what was being said when the woman were singing due to the high pitches of their voices mixed with the high pitches of the music. But it was still good. It was called Street Scene, was based in the early 1900's when the middle of the city consisted of all sorts of immigrants: Germans, Italians, Irish, etc. It happened over two days and was about an assortment of tennants and the heat, along with a passionate love affair that ends in the death of the affairees and the breaking up of a family. Craziness!!! First opera = success.

I'm going to go see the Nutcracker ballet!!! I asked my aunt if she wanted to go with me as I've never seen it and really wanna and the Colorado Ballet is supposed to be absolutely wonderful. It turned into a family affair for us women so now myself, my aunt, my mom, my grams, lisa and my aunt's friend are all gonna go. Yippee!!

I got to wear my new scarf :) It's bright orange. My dad made fun of me today. Called me scarf girl. Called me a psuedo hippie. Haha. I guess I could see it. Jeans with long sleeves and a dress over it all with two scarves and wearing two huge rings, not having had a shower. Add in some pot and some tree hugging and I wouldn't be pseudo anymore.

Speaking of which, I think I'm one of the only college students that hasn't ever tried pot. Seriously. Alyssa cracks me up. The amount of wild child that's in her. She's my inspiration of learning to just totally enjoy life and loosen up. Now if only I could dance and move my hips like her. I'd be set. ZUMBA!!

I heart passion. It's so great to see people who have passion, even if it's not the same passion I would have.

I got to see my grams today. She flew in from West Virginia on Thursday and she's here for three weeks this winter over Thanksgiving time. She goes back the saturday after Thanksgiving. My grandpa didn't come out, thankfully. I don't care to be around a man that picks fights with everyone all the time and also makes it painfully obvious he doesn't care to be around his family. But I love grams. And I get to spend some time with her. Bubba Gump. We watched Forrest Gump this evening. Good times. Dinner with the fam seriously gets funny, with all of us kids under one roof. The mix of myself, Marshall, Kevo and Reece is nothing short of an arguing circus sometimes. I love them boys. Oh man, I don't want them kissing girls though. It's tough to let them grow up. But kissing girls, I still see them as my brothers who ran through fields with me back in the day, and they didn't kiss girls back then!! hahaha

Oh heating blanket, how I love thee. Anyway, I'm off to bed. Have a long day of studying ahead. Medical Nutrition Therapy, thou will be the death of me.

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