Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Great night

I had a great night last night :)

Went to Denver...hung out with some new friends....it was great!

Saw Role Models.....friggin hilarious to the max. Watch it. Love it. Laugh.

Man, I can't believe break is already half over....it's so jampacked already!! I'm so tired though. Wanna go home and take a nap but I can't because I'm at work. Doing nothing more than messing around and doing homework JUST so I can get the hours and the $$$.

I wanna go cuddle :) With my new cuddle Bud-dy....hahahaha. Bud is a puppy. Get it cuddle Bud-dy. Alright yes I know lame joke. Onward!!

Cali here in I come in just a few days. Tina Beana...watch out!! hahaha

Ok seriously, I need to get SOMETHING accomplished. Apparently it's going to be my renal case study for Medical Nutrition Therapy. Well at least I hope I can get it done anyway. I DO have six hours to work on the damn thing.

Man oh man. So many feelings, no energy and not wanting to write it all out. AHHH!!! I'm in a good mood though.

Whoop di do.

Oh yes if you get the chance to play rockband there is this song called Bounce by The Cab that is pretty rad to play on the guitar...try it. It's great. Listen to the song. It's great.

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Bri said...

Hey!! Haven't talked at ya in a while. Sounds like you're doing great -- hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love ya!