Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pics please

Eamonn and I sharing a PBR and him "figuring out my life" hahaha

Best and much-missed ex-roomie Britt

I have a desire to just drop my life currently and leave and go somewhere else, just get away for a little bit. I wonder if anyone else ever has that same desire. But at the same time I have a desire for what's going on in my life to be intensified....well the good parts anyway. Too bad neither is probably going to happen. I also have a desire to be closer to certain people in my life. Why is life so complicated?! Why aren't there more hours in the day?! Why do I have a constant need to make my life pure chaos?! Albeit I don't ever make it chaos on purpose. Passion plays a part in that. Thank you passion. Also my newfound love of recklessness isn't helping most situations.

I think I'm yearning for something and I can't quite figure out what it is. I found a postsecret the other day while I was at Borders reading and it said this: "I am so scared I will never find what I am looking for because I am a bad looker." I relate to that just a little too much.

But then I also found this one that struck perilously close to the center of my heart: "I want to find someone who will love me after I've shared all my secrets."

Goal for this month: lose six pounds. Seriously, I know life isn't about looks but I just want to my legs to be smokin hott....wonder if they ever will be.

Ugh, I have a long busy day ahead of me again with no rest in sight anytime soon. I started working for my parents again on the side on top of my full-time job at the preschool and then my phlebotomy class. Don't exactly have the time for it but also REALLY need to money.

See life is just complicated. Complicated chaos currently.

Oi vai!!

Ok seriously have a need for a good book and a great photog session.....relaxation, why can't I have you currently?!

Scoliosis flare-up again. Ick my entier back hurts SO bad.....oh well, nice hot showers in the morning to relax my muscles.

Need to workout this afternoon.

Ok brain running a million miles a minute. I need to really I just need to talk, talk, talk, talk and get SO many things out of my head. But no time currently.

Off for my day.

Bonjour and tout a'leure!!!

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