Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Surrounded by Littleness

Some weeks are good, some weeks are bad. This one has been good....NOT because of attention from men or whatever, but because of my job.

The kids have been wonderful and this week one of my favorite little boys, Patrick, is making HUGE progress. He is learning to talk. For some kids that's not huge, but kids like Patrick with sensory problems and the such it's a HUGE accomplishment. To hear him say things like "no ball" and "help" are just absolutely amazing moments to me. I'm also learning how to communicate with him and read his moods and understand his wants. Not to mention it's fun to play with him and see his wonderful smile.

Patrick comes in the mornings and his older brother Duggan comes in the afternoons, and both are two of my absolute favorite little boys to be around. Duggan told me today "Ms. Nic I like you. I like you a lot." Little things like that mean the world to me!!

All of the kids are doing wonderfully. And they all love having me in their class. All of them can now say my name is some form whether it's Ms. Nicole, Ms. Nic, Ms. Cole, Ms. Mikole or other variations of my name :)

The DB girls have been great to watch this week, they were SO well-behaved yesterday!!!

And then watching Tyce today, all I could do is laugh. I'm the cool aunt :)

It's been such a great week!! I can't even tell you how much these little kids mean to me. They are exhausting and at times I'm so overwhelmed and am SO happy to give them over to their parents but at the same time, I love them all and are all so rewarding. The presence of God is SO apparent watching them!!

Here's Tyce running around today with his new Lightning McQueen pj's on his head (by the way, I know that movie WAY too well for my own good)!!

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