Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Simplest Pleasures

Why this has been such a great and blessed weekend:

-curled up watching Grey's Anatomy season 2 all afternoon and evening last night
-an entire lazy saturday spent sans make-up and contacts
-cuddling up with Eric and having my face caressed so lovingly by a man I love
-a lazy sunday spent babysitting the DB girls
-another evening about to be spent watching Grey's season 2
-sunday morning spent out on the porch in a rocking chair with a cup of hot coffee in my pj's
-lots of laughter
-contentment with where i'm at in life for the first time in weeks
-knowing that when i go to work tomorrow, i'm going to be enjoy my job and my day, no matter how hard and exhausting it is

Sometimes the simplest pleasures come from the laziest and most "unfruitful" of times....but they are days we can recollect and relax and rejuvenate. Sometimes that's exactly what our souls need.

Tomorrow I have a dinner and movie date with my mom :) She is going to make dinner and we are going to watch Dirty Dancing in memory of Patrick Swayze and also as something to bond over. We spent my childhood bonding over chick flicks and later on shopping, once I showed her how enjoyable it can be to pamper yourself!! Hopefully this is a start to mending and moving forward....I can't help but be happy and optimistic about it. We have our differences but she'll always be my mama and one of my best friends. I just hope she knows that more of our relationship will be spent as friends from here on out and I will turn to her as a daughter when needed, but first we need to focus on maintaining our friendship. That's the easiest place to start.

Life's simplest pleasures are always the best.

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A Lady Called Amy said...

Very pleased to hear your weekend went well! :-D Have a great and fufilling week!