Wednesday, September 02, 2009

She Got It Written On Her

I'm buying a snowboard, boots & bindings off a friend so I will be hitting the slopes this season :) WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!!!


I'm also contemplating getting my next tattoo here soon. I want to get "Follow your heart" on my I have the money to do this?! Nope but that's what credit cards are for right?!?!

That is NOT a responsible way to think but I really really wanna get it. I love my other tattoo and I want to give it a little companion :) I wanna go a little bit bigger and more visible this time hence my foot location.

Ok I have so much I wanna explode on here but I also need to get my lunch ready and get going to work this morning.

I'm having a great hair day it's just got me on top of the world this morning :D

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