Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This hectic busy life

Wow, it's only been two weeks but so much has happened thus far.

I have a "new" car. I'll actually get it this weekend and I couldn't be more excited :)

It's amazing how God just sort of works things out.

I pulled crazy overtime hours training new employees and crosstraining old employees. I think in two weeks I put in roughly 30 hours of overtime. That's 110 hours in two weeks. I was drained at the end that's for sure.

I don't know where my summer went but apparently I missed it. Luckily the next one will come around in three seasons or so ;)

I made DM for Arbonne!! That's great. Now I need to kick it into high gear and get started building my business with gals or gents beneath me. To the top we go!

School started again. I'm a senior which is exciting, crazy, anxious, and scary all at once. I have to figure out about starting to apply for nursing school now. I have to graduate. AH! I need to pull as many A's as possible. Plus learn to relax and live a little :) I'm sort of learning to do that. Slowly but I'm learning, though you wouldn't know it right now.

I have quite a few good classes today. Right now in my Nutrition in the Life Cycle class we are talking about preconception and neonatal nutrition. Anyone who knows my life goals knows that I want to be a neonatal nurse practitioner in the NICU. It's fascinating! As well I also am fascinated with diseases and immunology. Therefore my Medical Nutrition Therapy class intrigues me. My Community Nutrition class puts me to sleep and honestly I already don't care for it. And my Exercise Testing Instrumentation class will allow me to be able to develop my own research program and go for it. That is kind of scary but also really amazing all at the same time. We'll see how it goes.

I went all sorts of crazy yesterday and bought three shirts at full retail price at Charlotte Russe!! Do you know how long it's been since I've done that?! I always shop clearance or consignment minus jeans and underwear. I spent $60 on three adorable new shirts. One step closer to having that kickass wardrobe ;) I'm becoming more adult and girly and I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that but I need to learn to grow into it.

I have a job offer of sorts right now for photography. Well several really. Steve Hoffer of Steve Hoffer Photography was wanting me to help as an assistant to the photographers but I simply don't have extra time to spare right now. And Becky of All The Above Photography located in Brighton, Colorado offered me a job teaching me first how to edit photos and put together books and whatnot and even told me if I want to start shooting I can start accompanying to bookings and shooting as a "second photographer." I normally would have snapped that up in a heartbeat but honestly I'm too busy right now. But I'm going to keep in contact with her because I will probably be moving back home after this year while I'm in between schooling and I will need a job ;) She's great though.

She has these doors in which on the tiles in the middle of the panels are distressed portraits on thin tiles and it's absolutely adorable. I would love to get one.

Life is crazy, busy, hectic, but what's new. I'm already having stomach problems. I'm already exhausted but that could possibly be because I haven't had a break. I don't know how to slow down though. And I don't know how to ask for help and frankly I'm not comfortable depending upon others or letting others take any of the reins. I don't want to feel like I am a burden on them in any way shape or form.

Well anywho, I'm going to see if I can actually acces the Ramct website now. I have some homework to catch up on. I hope this finds everyone well.

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