Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chasing Cats Out Of Trees

This morning was quite the adventure. We got to chase our cute kitty Tinks out of several trees and around the yard.

Last weekend when neither my roommates nor myself was home, the electrical box outside practically blew up and the electricity went out. The electricians were scheduled to be coming over today to make sure all the outlets are working and in good condition and whatnot. In order to do that we planned to leave Tink in Shelly's room with food and water with a sign that says "Cat Inside: Do Not Let Out." Shelly works at one of the dorms on Thursday's mornings from 2-8am. She texted me at 3am to tell me she had forgotten to lock Tink in her room and asked me to do it. I got the text when I got up at 6:30am and went to look for her to put her in Shelly's room. She wasn't in the window (where she likes to sit) or under the bed and I heard a low cat growl that sounded to be coming from outside. So I thought "whatever she's probably somewhere else and I'll look for her once I get ready and wake Scott up." I went to put my contacts in to hear cats fighting that at first sounded like it was coming from the apartment upstairs but once I was in the living room sounded like it was coming from somewhere outside.

Whatever, I got a shower, got ready and then was looking for Tink. Scott even got up to try and help me find her. We looked under beds, in cabinets, under tables, behind the extra mattress, by the window, etc. She wasn't there and I texted Shelly letting her know I couldn't find her. Shelly came home a few early and upon walking in the door alerted me that Tink was in the tree.

We got a chair, Shelly crawled up to get her then gave her to me. Tink still has all her sharp claws. She sank her teeth and claws into me which made me react with my first jerk reaction, to drop her. Shelly then proceeded to literally fall out of the tree. She took off into a window well that lead under the apartment building. Scott thankfully went down to find her. Apparently he shouted he was shooing her towards the well which we didn't hear until she belted out at us across the yard. She then shooted up a effing pine tree that was on the OTHER side of the fence. Scott jumped the fence, climbed the tree and then battled to get her to us. Upon which Shelly took her inside and we all followed suit with Scott getting hero kisses ;)

So yes our morning was spent chasing the damn cat around trees, the yard, and beyond.

All because we found the wood where Shelly's screen was attached had given way and Tink bumped the screen forward to get out.

Darn cats.

She's not sitting in windows again.

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