Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sore Body, Appreciative Mind

I started working out again....and my whole body hurts. In the past three days I've done three workouts. WOOHOO!! So not only is every part of me sore, I'm pretty exhausted.

And my body decided to get sick, which means I completely lost my voice. No worries, a lot of quiet time, some tea with honey, and some rest and it will come back least I hope!!

So far my body doesn't feel so hot from working out, but mentally already it's done wonders! It feels good just to be active. And I'm craving more....but physically I can't handle it. I have to tell my body "slow your roll" but I can't wait to start seeing results. Slow and steady wins the race.

But I'm thankful. While Ty and I were working out on the second day he made the comment "I'm sore as hell. Fuck my life." Well I live with an LML attitude...."love my life." And I really do. I'm sore but it's for my better health!!

I told Ty though "I'm sore as hell too....but at least we can walk and exercise on our own. My little Ethie can't do that." And really it's true. He can't. So I'm thankful that I have the ability to work out and appreciate my limberness in terms of being able to walk on my own. (Trust me, limber is a relative term....I'm not that limber in comparison to a good grip of the population but you catch my drift....)

And today I've been very frustrated, not being able to talk and answer questions. The few times I do choose to answer I have trouble "starting" my voice and then when it comes out my voice breaks and people can't understand me. On the other hand though, I think God is taking this opportunity to show me a new appreciation for my kiddos whom I have trouble understanding....our "nonverbals" and speech kiddos. I can more understand how difficult it may be for them to communicate and talk. I literally am having to use all my energy to talk, just like Ethie. But he does it with a smile on his I'm trying to learn to do it with a smile on my face as well!! How beautiful the gift of communication is....and how too often we take it for granted.

So even though I can't talk and climbing the stairs is a pain in my arsenal....I'm very thankful and feel so blessed right now. I can walk, and I can talk, and I better understand my kiddos' struggles that they go through day-to-day.

God, you sure do have a funny way of making me "slow my roll" to teach me patience and understanding. Thank You!!

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