Saturday, May 22, 2010

lost my shoes

"We got no food, we got no jobs.....and our shoes are falling off!!!"

Hahaha it's a take on the Dumb and Dumber quote....but it's so accurate of the other night. That quote was a staple in our classroom because one of the kids' shoe was always falling off but the other night it turned into a whole other meaning.

Had a night out on the town with my friend Britt. Went to a gay bar. Danced.

Got pretty drunk off three shots and two mixed drinks.

Threw up on the sidewalk....and proceeded to throw up all over my feet when a friend found it necessary to try and move me while I was still upchucking.

Lost my shoes in the Jaguar that drove us home (yes this guy had a Jag....and I remember NO part of it other than seeing the Jag thingy on the hood as I got out of the car).

Woke up with a killer hangover.

Had to have my brother drive me back to Denver to retrieve my car (thankfully no parking tickets or towage).

Had a fucking blast.

But now I'm out one pair of flip-flops and a whole day wasted feeling nauseous with a sweet headache. ;-)

Dumb decisions. Great Memories.

Wouldn't trade it.

Damnit.....I wish I still had my shoes. Quite fitting I had to walk around barefoot the next morning because I didn't have any damn shoes!!