Friday, May 28, 2010

Armin at Beta

Last night = AMAZING night :-)

I went to Beta to see my fav DJ (not to mention the #1 DJ in the world): Armin van Buuren.

There's something about his dj-ing that makes my soul just's just indescribable how good he is!

I was in front pretty much all night. Had to sorta fight to keep there. Had a few drunk people trying to push past us. But fortunately Carlee and I had a few friends watching out for us. We learned how to throw elbows and stand our ground very quickly. But it paid off. To be three people from the dj booth the entire night and to dance with other passionate Armin fans was an incredible experience!!

I came home sweaty, exhausted, ears ringing, sore on my foot tore back open and bleeding, a fractured toe (from one very tall dude jumping on my foot), but SO excited to have just watched my fav dj spin for almost three hours.

You can tell he adores his fans and feeds off their energy. The smile on his face did not go away all night and he interacted with them all night while spinning :-)

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