Monday, August 03, 2009

Quick notes

Dinners with old and new friends are the best. So are laughs that start in the heart, take over your entire body and end in aches in your cheeks :)

Hung out with Eric again for the first time since the break-up. It went very well. Definitely realized my feelings for him are still very much strong, just been ignoring them. I think he has feelings towards me too. He's just very confused and unsure right now.

Birthday tomorrow. The big 2-2. Chocolate happy hour.

Going to Red Feathers Lake tomorrow morning. Gonna be beautiful!!

Excited to see what God has planned for the future!! It's so crazy and up in the air.

Missing Tyce, can't wait to see his little face again tomorrow. I need one of his hugs.

.....On a mission to be what I'm destined to be.....

1 comment:

Bri said...

Hey you! Haven't heard from ya in a while. Sorry to hear that things have been rough, but hope they get better soon!