Monday, August 31, 2009

Newest Dream Fantasy

So in all my dreams for the past month, Eric has played some sort of crucial role. Usually he's running from me or completely ignoring me....I think this is my inward creative expression of my frustrations of everything that has been going on between us.

BUT in this past week, another addition has started taking part in my dreams. Eric's brother Brian has been making frequent appearances in my dreams as of late, usually shirtless.

Both Eric and Brian are very attractive guys. Ok, attractive is an understatement, HOTT is more like it. Anywho, I obviously care about Eric. Eric and Brian are different in quite a few different ways. Eric is more the shier, more timid one who has a more sensitive heart persay. Brian is the more outgoing, cocky, player of the two. Brian is the more bad-boy of the two. Which is why I'm thinking he's been coming into my dreams lately.

I think my mind is attaching onto the bad-boy image. I beoome largely too reckless when my heart is hurt, and now my heart is wanting to follow suit and become a little more reckless.

So now Brian is making appearances in my dreams alongside Eric with both of their attractive bodies and knee-weakening smiles.

What does it mean when you start slightly fantasizing about the guy you care about's brother?! I mean's kind of unnerving.

Well with that I'm onto watching more shitty tv while I sit here wondering what is going on with my body. I think I might be iron deficient. I'm going to the doctor's to have a bunch of stuff tested. I can't handle being this tired all the time. It's just not right. I know something is not right with my body.

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