Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Real-Life Purchases

Today I was thrown into the world of adulthood in a manner of which I wasn't quite prepared for.

Britton and I bought a truck together.

Well Britton bought a truck, I co-signed because I have really good credit, and now we own a truck together. That is jointly in our name. An maroon F150 Dodge truck with a hemi.

On one hand I'm totally a wreck. I knew these sort of purchases were coming sometime in my future. You know...one day I'll need to buy a house, a new car, have credit cards to pay for things, etc. But I wasn't planning on these things anytime soon. My car is paid off, I live rent-free with my parents, I don't have any huge things that I've bought. And what scares me most is that this first big purchase is not in my control. Britton is making the payments and that's sorta scary to me to not be in total control of all of my financial stuff.

On the other hand I'm totally excited. Britton gets to build up his credit. If this goes according to my financial plan (which it will), my credit will go from really good to excellent. I'm getting over the nervousness of making big purchases and taking another leap into adulthood. And Britton and I own something together.

That is such a weird thing to think of. My boyfriend of three months and I are in love with each other, live in the same house, and own a truck together.

If you would have told me that's what would be happening four months ago I would have laughed at you and said "hahaha....knee-slapper". But here I am, co-owning a truck with the man I love.

That's exciting. And scary all at the same time in itself. I'm more vulnerable to him than anyone I've ever dated. We are closer. This relationship is more real and more concrete than any other one I've been in. It's healthier. This relationship is a step towards my future I didn't think God had planned. I'm having to really learn what it's like to really be in a relationship with someone else. To be open and honest and speak my mind (oh lordy lord still HARDCORE working on that one). And we are officially tied together for the next year because of this.

First real-life big purchase other than student loans. Whoda thunk it?!

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