Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lessons Lessons, Continually Lessons

Another lesson God has been trying to teaching me and a desire He has placed on my heart is the importance of prayer.

I haven't always prayed....and I've never prayed consistently. But since April prayer has played a huge role in my life.

One of my biggest things to overcome was thinking I could take all my own burdens.

I felt that God has enough on His plate. He doesn't need to deal with my tiny, insignificant problems. My life isn't important enough nor big enough in any aspect that He need worry about me nor take the time to work on/in my life. I felt that God had more important fish to fry so I needed to find a way to make things work on my own.

So I never gave my problems over to Him, hardly ever asked for help, nor bothered to even talk to Him once in awhile.

It's funny that our God is a God of relationship. And so are us humans. We ARE made in His image after all. We thrive and become close when we are able to talk to our friends, even if it is a long-distance relationship. Communication is important and if we sit still long enough, we can actually hear what each other is saying. The same with God.

It started to sink in that if I just entrusted my life to God and sucked up my pride and handed over all parts of my life, well prayers are answered (and some prayers are thankfully left unanswered) and my life is taken care of.

God knows what's best. But more importantly all He wants is for us to ask Him for help. That's what He's there for. To be our heavenly Father. To take care of us and provide for us. To teach us lessons but then to bless us with the rewards of following his word and learning our individual lessons at hand.

So prayer and communicating to God has become a constant in my life these past few months. Most days my prayers are mainly centered around asking for forgiveness and thanksgiving, for working in my heart, and then also asking for small miracles in regards to important people around me and for God to keep them under His wing and especially close to His heart through this time.

But I find that there is so much comfort in talking to God. Talking to someone who knows me deeper than anyone else. Who knows me in a way no one else does. As that's how all of our friends know us...in different ways. We open different parts of our hearts to different people and God knows the deepest darkest parts of my heart....and loves me all the more despite them.

What a really cool thing that is.

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