Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lake Mac 4th of July

This past weekend we took a very long weekend and went to Lake McConaughy in Nebraska for some family time!

We haven't had our boat out in eight years due to my brothers' involvements in summer baseball and basically the busy-ness of life that occurs. But we used to have a trailer at Lake Mac that we would go up to boating all the time. I grew up on the boat, boating at lakes like Lake Mac, Boyd Lake, North Sterling Reservoir. I have my mom to thanks in a round-a-bout way for me being on the swim team. Since we've always had a boat my mom enrolled all of us kids in swim lessons at a young age, starting me at 6 months old. By the time I was 10 or 11 I had passed all levels and had already spent several years repeating level 7 over and over. My mom's motto was that as long as we had a boat, we would be in swimming lessons, even if that meant repeating the top level again over and over. The only reason I FINALLY got out of repeating swim lessons was by joining the swim team. Water was just in my blood.

So after such a long reprieve from one of my favorite childhood memories, we cleaned the boat, cleaned off our tubes, skiis and kneeboard...and made a family weekend trip out of it!!

It was so refreshing to be back in the water....and unlike when I was a scaredy-cat 12-year-old....I actually got out on the water quite frequently on tubes, skiied again several times (I got up my first and only time skiing the last year we were in the water...despite how shy and scared I was and despite my father heckling me and my brothers making fun of me), and I bravely attempted kneeboarding!!

Next trip I will attempt slalom-skiing and hopefully in the future I can try wakeboarding :-)

It was so wonderful to get away from it all, specifically to a place that holds such a good nostalgic place in my heart, to have all the family together in for longer than a few hours and to spend time doing something we all enjoy and grew up doing. Not to mention it was so refreshing to not worry about my hair or makeup or what I looked like, to simply just be on a boat enjoying life and having some fun!

I didn't get to really see any fireworks...a massive storm came up and honestly I had no desire to watch them this year due to several reasons. But what a great way to celebrate the independence of our nation!!

Mom and Dad on the boat

day 1 on the boat - the kids

rockin the ol school life vest

tubing with Jenni...CHEESE!

this looks like an ad to me

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