Thursday, July 15, 2010

A First

Britton and I's start to our relationship has been very slow. He has been working so very much and trying to get some parts of his life figured out, like trying to get a place to live and get his feet under him, so we haven't really seen each other in quite awhile. A minute here or there, usually when I was giving him a ride or he stopped by to use the shower, etc.

Finally yesterday we made a plan to just hang out.

And he "swallowed his pride" once my mom asked him face-to-face, why he hasn't just decided to stay with us until he can get his feet under him.

See, there are many firsts about this relationship. One would be dating someone who is has my same faith and actually practices it. Second would be my family actually likes Britton. All of them.

In fact, they all love him. And he loves them. Let's just say it was a first to have my dad bugging me to text Britton to ask him to come hang out. I literally didn't know how to respond to that and gave my dad the "deer in headlights" stunned it took me several minutes to process, repeat it back and attempt to find my phone at the moment. And it was a first to have Britton look me square in the eye and say " I LOVE your family".

And because of this, my family has been actively trying to help him out. They want to help him out. They want to see him be successful. Despite the fact that he's a bit rowdy and rough around the edges, he's the kind of guy you can't help but love and respect. He's passionate, respectful, loving, driven, hardworking, dedicated. He loves his family and despite his life being a "hot mess", he really has the best intentions and works hard to do the best and be his best. My parents respect that. And have hated seeing him not have a home for the last month.

So after my parents talking to him, he agreed to crash here until he can get his feet under him and save up a little bit of money.

We spent yesterday evening talking over some tough stuff but laughing and enjoying each other as we haven't seen each other in awhile. Then we met up with his older brother, Cam. Cam's sons birthday is today and Cam/Diana got Zach a go-kart for his birthday. We helped to take it up and Cam presented it to Zach, and then Zach and Dawson (his other little boy) rode the go-kart for about an hour....which was so fun and amusing to watch. It didn't help that uncle Britton was encouraging speed and craziness, almost giving poor Diana a heart attack at times. And then Britton and I hung out at Cam & Diana's house....just spending time for me to get to know them and relax. It was very encouraging and very calming.

The mountains were beautiful, it was a calm wonderful Colorado evening, Cam and Diana are so encouraging despite all of Diana's health stuff going on, and Zach/Dawson sang to us and recited some impressive bible verses!! We talked about some hopes and dreams and laughed.

And then when we got home, Britton and I laid down on my bed and cuddled for a few minutes...which is exactly what I crave at the end of the day so it was nice to actually have that for a few minutes last night. And then before we got ready for bed Britton looked at me and said "Let's pray babe."


And we did. We prayed very imperfect, stumbly, heartfelt prayers full of petition for forgiveness, thankfulness for blessings, and asking for God to guide our relationship and to lead us.

I've never prayed with a significant other before.

And I can say that I was frazzled by it at first but so immensely did I enjoy having a man who not only wanted to do it with me, but just decided "lets do it" and lead me through it. That's what I've wanted. A man to lead me.

And then he tucked me in and went to the room he's staying in and crashed.

Amazing firsts. Very humbling and exciting firsts.

Thank you Lord for answering one of my many small prayers. Wow. Amen.

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