Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Lord Hath Made This Day

You know how there are just some days where God gives you some sort of very quiet strength that makes you want to scream to the world "I LOVE MY LIFE!" at at the same time keeps your heart invitingly content, even if it's just for a few hours?!

Well today is one of those days.

I taught swimming lessons in a cold pool, worked for a little bit getting cobwebs all over me (ick I'm not a fan of cobwebs...for whatever reason they gross me out), and then mother nature decided to have aunt flow visit for the second time in three weeks.

And while I was working all I could do was to continue thanking God for blessing me!

Honestly, it's a beautiful Colorado day, my family and friends are healthy and in good spirits, I'm provided for, I told my close ones I loved them and they told me they love me too, and well, I don't know....today is just amazing!!

There's nothing special about it in the slightest, nothing interesting nor exciting. But I thoroughly am enjoying this contented happiness I am getting to enjoy currently :-)

I know it's usually my nature to be happy but sometimes I just gotta share it with others!

I hope the Lord is blessing your day as thoroughly as He is mine and I hope that you are seeing the many blessings in your life....even if life has handed you some sour lemons lately.

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