Friday, April 16, 2010

Latest Body Mod

So in the past month I've dramatically changed a few things....I chopped my hair off, colored it a tad darker, updated my first tattoo, gotten a second tattoo, and today I got my third tattoo. It's my favorite by far. Massive kuddos to Deanna at Katalist Konsepts :-) I gave her the concept, she designed it and chose the color scheme and I am in love with it!! She did a wonderful job!!

The only other body mod I plan on doing is a new piercing in my cartilage next month with my sissy-in-law :-) After that I'm done.

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Bri said...

Hey, Nicole! It's been a long time. We must email. You email me, I email you, etc. My time online is often limited to Emma's naptime, but we should get back in touch. :)