Monday, April 05, 2010


If there's one indiscretion that exemplifies how differently my parents parented Marsh, Kev and I versus Reece it's this:

Growing up, from about the age of five, we were always told college wasn't an option, it was a must. I actually heard my mom say that Reece may not and doesn't have to go to college if he doesn't want.

WHAT THE F***?!?!?!?!


What magically happened in the past few years where going to college went from being an absolute to my parents who *value education* so much to it being something that they don't expect of their youngest.....especially in a generation and time where education means more than experience in getting a job.

My mom rationalized this by saying that Reece just isn't good at school and struggles with it. She said going to college just may not be his thing.

I understand what she means by this and I'm not saying that you HAVE to go to college to make a living and be happy and successful.

I'm just merely demonstrating just how differently she has raised Reece versus the rest of us kids.....and she wonders why I there any sort of dissention between him and I and how they parent him versus how they parented us older three.

Gee, couldn't imagine why I have issues getting along with my brother a good grip of the time....I don't even get along with the brothers that were raised the same with me sometimes but at least we understand each other....

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