Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He's Knocking

On Sunday I went to a benefit for Diana Hummell....and it was amazing. She's a living, breathing, walking miracle. She was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer in December. She's a 27-year-old wife and mother who has a very strong faith in God and in His love and power. She underwent surgery in which they removed portions of her stomach, most of her intestines, and her gallbladder. She was given 6 months to live if she underwent chemo, 3 months if she sought "any other treatment" or no treatment at all. When she was diagnosed her cancer antigen levels were at 10,000. Four months later, after starting natural treatments (opting not to go through cancer and I completely support this decision) she has felt better than she has since the beginning of all this. However, a few weeks ago her cancer antigen levels came back at 280,000....levels at which she should be dead yet she is feeling better than she has in months. Amazing!! That's the power of our God, of Christ's power to perform miracles.

The whole night was amazing, inspiring, humbling, and completely undescribable. Diana and Cam are just two very faithful amazing people that I can only one day hope to be like.

Below is a poem Diana wrote that was in the agenda for the evening. It's called "He's Knocking"

You've tried on your own, would you let me come in?
Let me in those deep, dark places, the ones I call sin,

You've struggled for so long to patch up those spaces,
Closed up the doors and hid them from others faces,

I came to set you free from the bondage you hold tightly to,
If you'll allow me my child, I'll make your heart brand new,

See these scars on my hands, my feet and my side,
They're there to remind you that I paid the price for you,
on the cross when I died.

Trouble in this life will come, when it does, I'll hold you tight,
And we'll walk together through your darkest night.

See the cross was not the end, even the tomb could not hold me,
That was only the beginning, a chapter, out of the greatest love story.

The sweetest victory of them all will be the day I call you home to be with me,
For that day, my precious one I will show you and your eyes will then see,
All the many miracles I performed along the way to set you free!

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