Friday, January 22, 2010

I have many stresses on my mind that I am quite good at ignoring.....until they start manifesting physically as they are doing so now with me waking up nauseous many a morning.

I've concluded this: I need to move back out on my own, soon. I am a woman of independence and I need to live with others my age in a setting that is more my lifestyle and not that of middle suburbia.

I've also concluded dating life is wreaking havoc on my mind. I simply am torn when it comes to what I desire and what I my heart naturally wants to do. I desire to be loved like all others but I am naturally prone to guarding my heart as of late.

Either way, I need to get a grip on my stress. God and I have been in constant conversations which is why I think I'm no longer denying a lot of what's going on with me. But it's painful.

Growing pains, gotta love em.

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Bri said...

Hello, Nicole. How are you?