Thursday, January 14, 2010

Turning a New Wheel

Well the week is almost over and I feel as though it has literally flown by, in good ways and bad.

Having a full-time position sucks in this aspect: I HAVE to go to work everyday for the same amount of time and have no time to do anything but give and give and give to my job. When the evening comes around, I'm completely wore out and find that doing things that I enjoy gets pushed by the wayside.

But of course I'm not gonna let a silly little thing called time get in my way ALL of the time ;) I do try to jampack my evenings full of things to do. And now I'm learning that everything has to have a set amount of time committed to it....albeit I am HORRIBLE at time management currently. I have too many things I want to do and love to do that juggling them is pretty much like juggling razor sharp knives....impossible to do right.

My newest addition back to my life is working out. I started doing the P90X program, though I'm only on day 2. So far I LOVE IT! I am sore and exhausted and wore out but holy I love the burn of working out and knowing I am doing something that will eventually lead to me being in better shape and looking better than I do now.

I'm turning over a new leaf and trying to get back into shape. I'm going to make an effort to cut junk food out of my life, to stop snacking on crappy foods, and to add more water back into my diet. I also need to sleep a little more but I want my body to be healthier, I want to be back in shape.

My biggest obstacle right now is my job. I have a very laborious, energy-intensive job that will hinder this and I'll have to find a balance for awhile between the amount of energy put into both so that I don't completely drop the ball in either area.

But I'm excited....I'm motivated. I'm tired of looking at pictures of me and not liking what I see. I know I'm my hardest and worst critic but I know that I can be happy with my body, more so than now. And I want to be. I'm in the prime of my life. I need to start better patterns that can continue for a lifetime.

So that means being motivated and working out to get my bootay in shape :)

I'm turning a new wheel.....let's hope this wheel keeps on rolling and gains some speed!!!

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